Our F@B Mission

Jaci Coy Gist, Founder & CEO

F@B = “Fab(ulous) At”

F@B Mission
The F@B mission is to discover, celebrate and promote talents, achievements and contributions  made by an individual or groups that positively influence our world.

F@B Philosophy
At F@B, we believe that everyone was born with gifts, talents—and a life purpose. Not one person’s life is meaningless; each of us has the capacity to make a positive difference in the world.

Each of us has something that we’re fabulous at—whether it’s the way we perform our jobs, how we’ve perfected a skill we’ve learned, the products we make as a hobby, or the comfort or entertainment we consciously give to others.

Anyone observing us knows it, and even if we’ve never given it a thought before now, we know it too. We’re F@B it!

So, my friend: What are you F@B®?